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Tim Floyd can't get the quiet offseason he probably so desires.

Floyd dismissed malcontent guard Myron Strong from the UTEP basketball team Thursday, citing Strong had violated team drug policy. The school had not given a specific reason in its brief statement, but Dan Wolken of the Memphis Commercial Appeal got Floyd to bite on the specific reason of a drug-related no-no.

Almost immediately, Strong declared on his Facebook account that he was was moving on. His new destination? Either Asuza Pacific or Victory University.

Seriously. That's the name.

And on his Facebook wall Strong openly questioned how Floyd could've ever gotten the UTEP job, taking it a step further by calling him a "lil' boy."

That specific post has since been deleted, but KVIA TV in El Paso snatched up a goodie before it disappeared (or at least I think it did; Myron and I aren't Facebook friends, you see, so I'm not sure what limited access I may or may not have). It read, in full: "Yeah I'm not at utep anymore I know a lot of ppl wondering y, but the big question really should be how did tim floyd even get the job there? Wasn't he just under investigation at USC? Well I'm hearing that he had a fake charity event to pay former player OJ Mayo $100,000 to play for him. How did the ncaa let that slide? I'm just saying...."

And wait until you read what Strong told the UTEP blog Miner Rush.

Strong unleashed more from the hip and aimed it right at Floyd in an interview with the site last night. The entire thing could be block-quoted, but we'll go with this one.

Miner Rush:  You claim a majority of the team failed a drug test.  Can you elaborate?

Myron Strong:  As far as the drug test, I'm not giving any names but if I got kicked out because of that, that's just plain out wrong because I wasn't the only person who failed. He wanted me out so he did anything in his power to do so. My senior year at that. I never wanted to leave UTEP and plus I failed a drug test months ago, so why am I now all of a sudden off the team? I don't get Tim Floyd at all. He's trying to basically ruin my image.

Wolken's brief interview with Floyd didn't lead to much, just more of the same defiance Floyd has come to be known for.

“Some things don’t even deserve comment. I’ve been in this business 33 years without one NCAA violation. This university will stand by the reasons he was dismissed.”

Strong, who will be attending his fourth school in as many years, averaged 3.1 points, 1.6 rebounds and 1.9 assists last season with the Miners.

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