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As we're still bereft of college basketball -- college football's return is but one more step on our long journey, friends -- the closest thing we've got to fawn over is the UNC Alumni Game. I'm on the record as saying this is the best idea ever, but that was before I really knew anything about the event beyond the idea that North Carolina wanted to bring some of its best former players and stage a little open-to-the-public scrimmage. Everyone refers to UNC as a "family"; it's events like that make the cliche ring true.

Tonight's the night. The two teams will square off at 8 p.m. in the Dean Dome, and admission is $20 a pop. And via Tar Heel Fan, we now have some squads to fawn over. They are as such:

Blue Team
Shammond Williams
Ed Cota
Ty Lawson
Vince Carter
Dante Calabria
Jawad Williams
Wayne Ellington
Rashad McCants
Brandan Wright
Sean May

White Team
Brendan Haywood
Raymond Felton
Bobby Frasor
Jackie Manuel
Jeff McInnis
Danny Green
Marvin Williams
Rasheed Wallace
Antawn Jamison
Jerry Stackhouse

I'm going to go ahead and give the White Team the distinct advantage here, not only because they have a more highly regarded collection of pros but just based on pure size, too. The Blue Team is a team of shooters, and while it'll be fun to watch Wayne Ellington and Rashad McCants and Ed Cota and Jawad Williams toss up whatever comes their way, there are only so many shots in a scrimmage. Just ask your local court's ball hog. Someone's going to be rebounding all those misses. My money's on White.

Naturally, your predictions are welcomed in the comments, and if anyone actually plans to go tonight, email me. Now go forth.

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