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Taylor King has already become, rightfully, a victim of agism jokes in college basketball.

(Aside: But is there anything less funny in our sport than the lines about 30-year-olds still in college, playing since the '90s, how many years of eligibility someone has left, "Gee, that guy's been there forever!" etc.?)

King will endure predictable, unfunny jabs from commentators and fans in 2011-12, as he's taken his talents from Duke to Villanova ... and now USC. Jeff Goodman of confirmed King's new digs last night. Per standard transfer rules, the former McDonald's All-American will have to sit out yet another year before he can suit up for Kevin O'Neill's team.

"I wasn’t feeling the urge to play anywhere,” King added. "But as time went by, I was thinking, 'What am I doing?' I’ve done this my whole life."

King would have been eligible immediately at an NAIA school, but he opted to go to USC – where he will sit this season and have one year remaining in 2011-12.

King said while he would like to continue his playing career beyond college, academics and connections at USC played a role in his decision.

"The education is off the charts at SC,” King said. "No offense to Duke or Villanova, but they don’t compare."

Those're some fighting words. Laughable ones at that. Villanova and Duke don't compare to Southern Cal? Unless we're referring to the female contingent at said universities, King's proclamation rings patently false. And naturally, whenever anyone starts a sentence with "No offense ... " offense is surely to be had. 

Here's the agenda for King: He will fall off our radars for the next 15 months, and then when he's playing in his final year of eligibility next season, you'll see a puff piece or two on his final chance, the journey he's taken. He can still be an impact player, and I suppose he's still a bit of an interesting story ... but he won't make or break USC's season, and a once-promising career will most likely fade into obscurity.

No offense, though.

Photo: AP.

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