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Jim Boeheim has had a rough week. First, he had to deal with the Eric Devendorf situation, which, if you can tell, is neither the most sensitive nor the most easily handled. After all, his player is suspended for an academic year for allegedly punching a woman in the face, and Boeheim has decided to take his player's side. Not exactly the path of least resistance.

Then, Monday night, he suffers a last-second loss at the hands of a 60-foot Cleveland State prayer, the sort of soul-crushing defeat even veteran coaches have a tough time swallowing.

And then, in the midst of his postgame presser, this happened. Ever seen a man tortured into violence? You're about to:

You can see Boeheim approaching the press conference calmly, realizing he just needs to get through it without freaking out or doing something that will get him on SportsCenter. This is difficult enough after a buzzer-beater, but when you throw in a scorching hot mic that kicks up every time Boeheim tries to talk, well ... it's like someone's trying to mess with him. And mess with him they did.


Update: Turns out that Boeheim's microphone frustration was merely prophetic. The incident in question happened on Saturday night after Syracuse's 79-55 victory over Long Beach State. We shudder to think of what would have happened to that poor mic had it acted up after last night's loss. It could have been ugly. Thanks to eagle-eyed commenter Andrew A for the heads up.

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