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Once Oprah does something, you know a certain shark has been jumped. It's time to find a new thing. Twitter is in severe backlash territory right now, which is fine, because it probably deserves a backlash. Any time you grow a gajillion percent month-to-month, a natural correction in the universe is probably in order. It's only right.

But here's one Twitterer-come-lately I, as a college hoops fan, don't mind at all: Indiana coach Tom Crean jumped on the service over the weekend, and so far, he's doing pretty well. A couple sample tweets:

A huge focus 4 us has been 2 become more explosive with the ballscreen. We want 2 drive it harder with less dribbles -- 7:38 PM Apr 16th from txt

Unless there is something i missed YOUNG JEEZY will b performing at the little 500 next week. Bloomington is HUGE -- 3:48 PM Apr 18th from txt

There are some pitfalls thus far. Crean is having a little issue with the 140 character limit. He's also apparently not learned the golden rule about personal blogging: beware the overshare. To wit:

Yes, because if you want to keep something from your wife, the best way to do it is to blog about it. That one never ends well. Trust me.

All in all though, if there's one college basketball coach manic enough to keep a Twitter feed constantly fed, it's Tom Crean. Dude drinks like 20 Diet Cokes a day. He's always on, and like most coaches, he loves to type into his cell phone. Now we, the Internet, will reap the benefits.

(HT: Inside The Hall)

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