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For the purposes of this post, I'm assuming Todd Bozeman's blog is, indeed, real. It seems real. It feels real. I want it to be real. Thus, until further notice, it is real.

That's how good this thing is.

Remember Todd Bozeman? Of course you do: He's the former Cal coach that left the Bears in dishonor in 1996 after admitting to paying a recruit's parents $30,000, and was effectively banned by the NCAA with an imposed "show-cause order" until 2005. Bozeman spent the decade as an NBA assistant -- the preferred career choice of rulebreaking college coaches -- before landing a head coaching job with Morgan State in 2006.

All of that history is now moot, though, for Todd Bozeman has a blog -- "Blogging With Boze" (which I first read as "Blogging with Booze," and I must say I was immediately interested). Anyway, it's awesome. Take the eternal enthusiasm of Pete Carroll and add just a dash of Tracy Morgan's character in 30 Rock, and I think we're getting close. For example, in this post, Bozeman quotes Nelly before explaining the finer points of air conditioning at Morgan State:

"It's gettin HOT in here".....I wanna take my clothes off

It's just a line from a song folks....don't trip!

The air condition in the athletic department was off at the beginning of the week. Man, you talking about HOT! It was ridiculous! Fortunately for us it was turned back on or re-started by Wednesday morning. It felt like a sauna in there. People were working with the lights off, doors open fans blowing and it was still a sweat box! It’s back to cool now….Thank God!

And so on. The ensuing headlines read: "Rest and Re...laxation! Everybody needs some"; "I Want to Be FREE!"; and "Sleeping is Over Rated!" Like so many new bloggers, Boze is clearly enthralled with intellectual creativity at his fingertips -- that first surge of enthusiasm is really what blogging's all about. I assume Bozeman has yet to experience his first existential crisis -- why do I even do this? ANOTHER post about Erin Andrews?! -- but when it comes, we'll be the first to know.

(HT: HBCU Sports Blog)

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