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One day after video surfaced of someone upstaging Denver's Occupy Wall Street protest with a one-man Kansas basketball rally on Oct. 15, we now know his motivation for such peculiar behavior.

Kansas alum Andy Greenhaw blogged Tuesday that the Jayhawks fan in the video is his father Dennis, a Kansas resident who works for a bank. When the family stumbled across the protest after helping Andy move into his new apartment in Denver, the elder Greenhaw thought it would be funny to have his picture taken marching alongside the anti-bank signs and pretending to support the cause.

After the protesters got into an intense showdown with the Denver SWAT Team, we thought it would be even more hilarious if amongst all the intense emotions, we staged a Jayhawk fan shouting equally as passionate about his love for the Kansas Jayhawks.

We drove to a nearby Office Depot to pick up the supplies, quickly crafted a KU poster and picked up a Jayhawk finger from my apartment.  Once we returned to the demonstration, we waited for a stereotypical protester to start shouting.

Once an angry protester began screaming into a megaphone decrying the conduct of the Denver media, Dennis saw his chance. With a foam finger on one hand and a "KU Basketball No. 1" sign in the other, he began shouting in favor of the Jayhawks.

"Kansas Basketball No. 1" he shouted. "Bill Self for Federal Reserve Chairman.  Five national championships.  Fifty-five conference championships. … Missourah has won no championships of any kind."

The funniest part of the video is the perplexed faces of the many pedestrians passing by. Dennis might as well be a penguin on a Caribbean island he's so out of place.

As hilarious as the video is, it's also sad in a way. The Kansas-Missouri rivalry has long inspired fun stunts like this, but it's in jeopardy of disappearing altogether as a result of conference realignment. Now maybe stopping that from happening is a cause worthy of a protest.

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