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You remember The Shark. Former UNLV coach. Took all those really good future NBA players a couple of Final Fours. Hated -- hated -- the NCAA's rules and regulations, especially the ones that said he wasn't supposed to, like, pay players and stuff. Usually ignored those rules. Chewed on a towel.

He's one of the more colorful personalities of college basketball's last 25 years, and now -- you guessed it -- he's blogging. The Las Vegas Sun has given Tarkanian the "Shark Bites" blog of their site, and he's using it to tell colorful anecdotes could probably get some people in trouble (HT: FanHouse):

[Sam Bowie] wanted four things – pretty girls, warm weather, he wanted to start and he wanted to study hotel management. I got really excited and drove five or six hours to Lebanon. I met with him and his family. That season, I caught red-eye flights four times to see him. I thought we had a great shot at the kid, but I had never recruited against Kentucky.

It’s the middle of January, and we heard Sam’s mother was in the hospital. I had assistant George McQuarn fly out there. He calls me and says, “Coach, you’ll never believe this. I’m here in the hospital with Sam Bowie, his family and the whole Kentucky staff.” They had flown in on a private plane. Then someone called and said Sam is driving a four-year-old Cadillac. I knew it was all over then and there. That spring I saw Leonard and told him he was never in the Rodeway Inn when I was there, yet he was registered.

That's a great story! Ah, Tark. Even from behind the keyboard, the man pulls no political punches. What could be a happy-go-lucky little local blog from the former coach is looking to be a must-read all year. Good for us. Bad for the NCAA.

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