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Stanford's Robin Lopez is officially the most interesting guy in the NCAA tournament. I don't care if I learn tomorrow that Drew Lavender is actually the bastard lovechild of Ben Vereen and Condoleeza Rice, I still think Robin Lopez has him beat.

Not only do he and his brother -- his identical 7-foot twin -- have an obsession with Disney World, and not only are they both huge Michael Jackson fans, but Robin's also dating Michelle Wie.

From a recent Sports Illustrated article, via Sports by Brooks:

Robin is dating Stanford’s current most famous female coed, golf phenom Michelle Wie, although both have tried to keep things as quiet as possible.
Telling Sports Illustrated about it is an interesting strategy for keeping things quiet, but hey, what do I know about being a celebrity? I'm sure he has his reasons.

Robin Lopez is young, famous, gifted, in the Sweet Sixteen, and dating Michelle Wie, who is legal, loaded, and should Robin see this as a benefit, often far away from home.

How many people on the planet have a better life than Robin Lopez? Not many, friends.

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