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When your team implodes, your star player is booted for allegedly possessing and selling cocaine, the SUNY president is asking for greater oversight of your program and zookeepers are poking fun at you, it's time a for fresh start. Which is exactly what Binghamton coach Kevin Broadus is doing, with players you might otherwise find at the Binghamton student rec center. This ought to be good.

Yes, Broadus and staff are hosting open basketball tryouts at good ole Binghamton U. this week. The first session is today at 2:30 p.m. EST -- hurry, you can still make it! -- and the second is Wednesday night at 7:30 p.m. But don't go unprepared. You might be surprised by the stringent nature of the tryout's requirements:

According to Gail Glover, University spokeswoman, all students who plan to attend the tryouts should bring proof of having had a physical. "So far, about 25 students have expressed an interest in trying out," Glover said.

Ever played basketball before? Currently a student? Maintaining an ongoing heartbeat? Come on down!

Of course, if Broadus was really sleazy-smart he'd work behind the school's back and sneak some ringers into his tryout, and then pick them instead of the random freshman psych major who played a few minutes for his high school team as a senior. But maybe I shouldn't give Broadus any more ideas. He's done enough already.

(HT: Pete Thamel)

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