The Dagger - NCAAB

This is a quickie, but it appears -- despite all prior photos to my knowledge -- our commander in chief does occasionally don some non-sweatpant-pants to play basketball from time to time. (Note: Language warning at that link.)

It's weird to say this, but that's actually sort of a relief. Like, it was cool that he really liked basketball, and isn't all that bad at it, because basketball fans can identify with that, and so that's, you know, whatever. That's cool. But those pants were almost as bad as his bowling. They were the scarlet letter of our President's basketball hobby, the one that screamed: Sorry, guys, but I'm really not all that cool. Maybe you thought I was, but look at these pants. Clearly, you were mistaken.

Those days are over now, so we can get back to worrying about important things. Like the Olympics!

(HT: J.E. Tweets and Off Season Blog)

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The Dagger

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