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The North Carolina State men's basketball team got a harsh lesson in the drawbacks of interactive social media last week. A picture of the Wolfpack's new jersey was excitedly posted on the team's Twitter feed Wednesday and, almost instantly, fans began ripping the bland, uninspired design.

Almost 20,000 people have viewed the picture and, of the comments left on the page, a whopping 96 percent have been negative. (Granted, nobody on the internet leaves a note to tell you you're doing a great job -- as I can attest -- but that's a lot of haters.)

It's not hard to see why.

Take it away, Twitter commenters:

-- i registered on twitter to inform you that these uniforms are full of fail.

-- How is it that NC State has one of the best design schools in the country, but our sports teams get stuck with **** like this?

-- absolutely terrible. this is a joke right? looks like a soccer mom's design using word and MS Paint. at least remove the NC. ugh

-- Epic Fail is a nice start for describing how bad this is

-- Heard during next year's State-Carolina game. Carolina fan: "This game is almost getting as ugly as their uniforms."

-- Wait, This is most likely the wbball uni's

Those all hit the mark. I'm not sure which is worse, the boringness or the ugliness. And why the "NC" and "STATE" are on different lines is a mystery. (It looked better the old way.)

Twitter or not, a bad design is a bad design. In the old days, this picture would have been printed in a newspaper or shown on the local Raleigh news and people would have been talking smack about it at home or to their friends. Now, they can just get on the internet and do the same thing. Same criticism, different forum.

In a way, this may even be better for N.C. State because now they have time to consider the feedback and make some possible tweaks to the design before the season begins in November. My suggestion: Take a cue from Sidney Lowe and dress all the players in overized, red sport coats. Even if 92 percent of people didn't like it, those new duds would be a hit compared to this design.

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