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Lute Olsen has had an ... interesting year. His Arizona Wildcats were loaded with NBA talent last season but were mediocre, thanks largely to Olsen's absence for much of the season. Back then, Olsen was settling some marriage issues with his second wife, issues which apparently bled into the Arizona locker room, or something. It seemed an ugly situation from afar.

Then, to cap the year off, Olsen lost uber-recruit Brandon Jennings to Europe, which had the gall to actually offer him a salary commensurate with his worth as a basketball player. Those jerks. Enraged, or at least slightly irritated, Olsen swore off the idea of one-and-done players for good.

Then Lute did this. Which was naughty.

Anyway, cap it all off with this announcement: Lute Olsen is engaged yet again, to Kelly Pugnea, 47, a woman he reportedly met seven months ago ... which, according to most prominent mathematicians, was right when he was settling things with his second wife. OK then.

The question is this: Should we care? Should Arizona fans? Usually it would be easy to dismiss Lute's personal life as just that -- personal -- and condemn anyone who questions it. But it was pretty clear last year that Olsen's marriage problems seriously harmed his team's chances at success. And with the fuzzy math and overlapping relationships, well, things get a little gray here.

So, sports fans, you make the call: Should Arizona fans care? Or should they ignore all this, wish Olsen well, and get him that KitchenAid blender from Target he registered for? (Everyone registers at Target.) You make the call.

(Sigh. November can't get here fast enough.)

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