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Friday, the Courier-Journal informed us that Bilal Batley, a former staff member for John Calipari at both Memphis and Kentucky, had been reported by the school for a secondary violation. The violation itself took place when Batley rebounded for a current Kentucky player at "a gym." (Any gym will do*, apparently.) Batley, pictured at right, was Calipari's director of basketball operations and not an official assistant coach, and his violation was about as minor as they come, but Kentucky still did the right thing and self-reported the error.

Here's where the silliness comes in: The violation occurred July 2. Kentucky reported the violation on Sept. 1. Batley resigned on Aug. 27. (My birthday, yay.) Batley's official cause of resignation was "personal reasons." So Rush the Court, as any reasonable bystander is wont to do, decided to question the timing of the whole deal. Did Batley really resign for personal reasons? Or did the violation, mixed with Calipari's more-than-shaky reputation, cause the coach and his new overlords at Kentucky to throw the hammer down on Batley?

Which, naturally, triggered this response from A Sea of Blue, in which Truzenzuzex goes over all of the reasons why Batley's resignation was strictly for personal reasons and had nothing to do with the his unfortunately timed rebounding naughtiness.

Into which I would just like to inject: Who cares? If Batley was really fired for not paying attention to his calendar, so be it. If he wasn't, and he really has some unnamed personal business to attend to, so be it too. It really doesn't matter at all. What matters is that a Kentucky assistant committed a secondary violation and Kentucky reported it to the NCAA. They didn't hide it. They may well have fired the person responsible; or he happened to decide that now was a good time to leave. Either way, there are literally no larger Calipari-related conclusions to draw from this. It just is.

(*Which just reminded me of "Any Dream Will Do," and now I'm going to be signing Andrew Lloyd Webber in my head all afternoon. I close my eyes ... Curse your catchy modern Broadway standards, Webber! Curse them!)

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