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I was going to try and make a joke in that headline, but ... nope. Nothing. I'm not sure whether to be amused or fearful or what, but Kansas basketball players are indeed part of the following video, a joint operation between the Men's Basketball and Women's Volleyball teams to win some sort of campus talent contest. YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG:

To be fair to the male Jayhawks, their cameos are brief, and they convey a certain sense of hesitancy about the whole thing that gives me hope for them. Still, I can't help but think they were pressured into it. Did Southpark not teach us our lesson? Did Briden Queermo not tread this treacherous path already? Or is this actually cool among college kids now? If so, in the words of Cartman, I'm done. I no longer have any connection to this world.

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The Dagger

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