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In yesterday's will-he-or-won't-he John Calipari madness -- which has mercilessly extended to today, though the end may be in sight -- there was one bright spot, one moment of true brilliance. This was Fox's Memphis affiliate's webcast of a random door. The rationale given for this webcast placement was that Calipari could be behind those doors talking to Memphis officials, and if he was, surely he'd have to come out, and when he did, the webcast cameras would be there. Like I said: true brilliance.

Of course, Calipari never emerged from that door. Perhaps he, too, uses the Internet and decided to choose a different exit. Whatever the case may be, that door is now The Door, and unlike The Play, it's a totally deserving moniker. Why, it even has its own Facebook group.

Yes, the Facebook group is called "I Watched 'The Door' For Hours." (Simplicity in titling: always a plus for Facebook groups.) The group is ever-expanding, which is a good sign for The Door itself; perhaps its fame won't be as short-lived as most Internet memes.

Another good sign: Chris Mottram from The Sporting Blog just informed me via chat that on the live stream -- which is still continuing, by the way -- the cameraman present actually interviewed the door. The chatters were uniformly pleased. Then he took the brave, bold step of actually going inside the door, where he found ... TWO MORE DOORS.

Clearly, more investigation is required. What are you hiding, Door? What other doors do you lead to? Journalism, people: This is why we pay for the degree.

(Update: You may now buy a t-shirt. And yet, the world continues to spin. Weird, huh?)

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