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If you're a hoops fan, you have at least one reason to enjoy our current president: Basketball is Obama's favorite sport, and he approaches it with the reverence of someone who both plays and spectates, someone who appreciates the game from all angles. But you knew all this before Barack Obama became president.

What you also probably knew, or maybe you haven't noticed, is that for whatever reason, former Duke guard and Obama personal staffer Reggie Love can't convince Barack to wear a pair of shorts on the court. I don't get it. Here's yet more photographic evidence of Obama's absolute allergy to shorts:

That's Obama and Love, and as you'll see, Love looks ready for some pickup. He's got his swag right. Even if those Nike runners look like they'd be really bad for ankle on the basketball court, still, he's ready to go.

Obama at least appears athletic, but he also looks like he's getting ready to go for a brisk morning walk with his dog. If he walked on to the basketball court looking like that, the people I play with would laugh. (This scenario assumes it's not Barack Obama we're laughing at; I don't think the DePaul student center crowd would really go for ridicule, given the hypothetical. But you know what I mean.)

Maybe dude's legs are just really skinny. Who knows?

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The Dagger

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