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Coaching hires get all the buzz, but athletic director hires are arguably more important. After all, ADs hire the coaches. So any AD hire has the potential to affect a school's programs and success just as much, and maybe more, than any one coach could, unless that coach is named Robert Montgomery Knight.

After firing Kelvin Sampson and athletic director Rick Greenspan, Indiana needed to get its AD hire right. It needed to make a big splash. It needed to hire ... someone with no athletic director experience in his life? Um, no? But that's precisely what it did, hiring Indianapolis-based attorney Fred Glass, whose admittedly impressive resume does not, unfortunately, include the words "athletic director" anywhere.

To his credit, maybe that doesn't matter. Among other jobs, Glass was Indiana senator Evan Bayh's chief of staff when Bayh was governor of the state. Managing a governership can't be all that different than managing a basketball coach, save for the fact that the basketball coach makes much, much more money. Maybe Glass can do this job after all.

Anyway, here's an interesting fact I am compelled to mention: Like Don Draper, Glass has no contract. Some day, that just might come in handy.

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