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Sorry for the first-person in the headine there, but that's as clear a distillation as I can make. Rick Pitino has managed to take a situation in which he is ostensibly the victim -- remember, he was extorted, and he was the one whose statements to police at least slightly resembled the truth -- and made himself look like a preening, egotistical fool missing any shred of self-awareness. Yeah, I said it.

The latest is this WKLY interview with Pitino, which Dash at Deadspin rightly calls "pillow-soft." It's the only exclusive interview Pitino's given since he apologize for "that discretion." Funny enough, the interviewer happens to be Fred Cowgill, a former graduate assistant for Pitino at Boston U. So you can imagine how this went: Cowgill starts his interview by saying "You're such a passionate guy and I have such affection for you," and it's pretty much all downhill from there.

The money quote, though, the thing that really makes me think Pitino is intent to drive himself even further into his already-considerably public relations hole, is this:

"I told my daughter this the other day. I said, 'Sweetie, what you've been through in your life, with your two uncles and now with this ... what you've been through in your life, you'll be strong enough to handle anything in life and that's how you have to look at adversity."

The nerve of this bro! That's yet another veiled reference to the family's loss on 9/11 which, yeah, I'm sure that will be formative in a child's life, but guess what, Rick? You bedding (or should we say flooring) a woman who is not your wife after close at an upscale Italian restaurant has literally nothing to do with 9/11. It doesn't relate in any way, shape, or form, and least of all not to your daughter, on whom you saddled this "adversity." This wasn't the random act of a few insane terrorists. This was you, dude.

In which case, you know, I don't judge. You want to cheat on your wife? Have at it. That's something you two have to live with. But don't pretend your slavish devotion to dopamine-release has any relation, perception or otherwise, to one of the greatest single-day losses of life in modern American history.

Just ... stop. Stop, man. OK? If not for yourself, then for everyone else. There are some of us out here who used to like you.

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