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On Sunday, MJD reminded you that, no, Chase Budinger's face is not a doormat. You can not go walking about on it. That's mean, Aubrey Coleman. That hurts Chase's face. ChaseFace doesn't like that, not one bit.

Coleman was ejected and Arizona went on to win their game over Houston 96-90 in overtime, and that was that. Today, though the saga of Aubrey and Chase continues. (By the way, "The Saga of Aubrey and Chase" would make either a great MTV couples show or a 1970's cop buddy drama). Coleman has now officially, and with God as his witness, apologized to Chase and his stepped-on face:

“I want to apologize to Chase Budinger for what happened Saturday night. I never meant to step on him,” Coleman said in a statement issued by the school. “I have never been in an incident like this before, and I have nothing but respect for him as a great player. I love the game too much to do something like that intentionally. I want to say I am sorry from the bottom of my heart,” Coleman said. “I know that God knows what is in my heart, but I am hopeful that Chase will understand and forgive.”

OK, so that sounds sincere, even if it was written by a Houston athletics public relations lackey. And it should be noted that the video is inconclusive on whether the stomp was actually intentional -- Coleman is either very good at hiding his face-stomping intentions or very careless with his feet when there is a player's head underneath. In any case, maybe Budinger will forgive and forget and he and Aubrey can become Facebook friends and everyone will be happy. Or not. Whatever.

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