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Junior Hofstra guard Charles Jenkins has been a major contributor to the Pride since his freshman year. He averaged 15.0 points per game in 2007-08, and 19.6 points per game in 2008-09. He's going to be an even bigger part of Hofstra's team this year, which will be his second as a captain, and he'll need to get help from guard Nathaniel Lester and center Greg Washington if Hofstra are going to put together another 20-win season.

But even if Hofstra fails, Jenkins will lead the country in the all-important category of "quotes that sound like they're coming from a middle-aged assistant coach." From Defiantly Dutch (via CAA Hoops, who noticed the cadence):

“He’s a great point guard,” Charles Jenkins said. “He’s got great vision for the game. His court vision is amazing. He makes the right plays. He’s still learning how to get shots because of his size…[and] he’s going to have to learn what passes not to make, but once he polishes those things off, he’s going to be a great addition to this program.”

[...] Like the practices that preceded it, the Blue/Gold Scrimmage was predictably unpredictable. “We still made a couple mistakes up there that are going to get brushed up,” Jenkins said. “We’ve got two or three more weeks to polish those up."

“It’s like a new environment,” Jenkins said. “Last year we had a lot of veterans on the team that were already adjusted to the program. This year, you’ve got a lot of freshmen that are going to take a little bit more time than it took the veterans to mold, just as far as the offense and the defense and how physical the nature of college basketball is. But I think as time progresses, we’re going to be a very good team.”

There are other quotes in Defiantly Dutch's story, including one from head coach Tom Pecora. But if you didn't know the difference, and had no way of looking up on the Googles which person was a junior in college and which person was the full-grown adult male head coach, you could be easily convinced that Jenkins is running the show. His coach-speak is pitch perfect. It takes coaches decades to develop that; Jenkins is a prodigy in the form.

Whether that's good for Hofstra or bad (though convincing leadership from your junior captain is never a bad thing) is beside the point. Right now, it's just sort of awesome.

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