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Georgia's Travis Leslie didn't even bother to wait until after the draft before initiating his first feud with an NBA rival.

Apparently unsatisfied with comparisons between himself and veteran Memphis Grizzlies defensive stopper Tony Allen, Leslie told at the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago on Thursday that he's the superior player.

"I feel like I'm a little better than Tony Allen," Leslie said. "Hopefully I can be compared to someone better. He's basically known for his D."

Leslie backed off those comments a few hours later on Twitter, claiming he was misquoted and that he actually said, "If I keep working hard on my game I feel like I COULD be a better player and scorer." Nonetheless, word of his original comments had already reached Allen, who not surprisingly wasn't thrilled that a college junior who isn't even likely to be selected in the first round was taking jabs at him.

That Leslie wouldn't be satisfied with a comparison to Allen is surprising considering he'd be fortunate to have the career the Memphis guard has enjoyed. Leslie made a name for himself at Georgia with his high-flying dunks and elite athleticism, but he's considered a borderline first-round pick who might have been better served returning to school for his senior season.

The worst part about Leslie's comments is he was foolish enough to make them about Allen, a seven-year NBA veteran with a well-deserved reputation for having a short temper.

Allen decked teammate O.J. Mayo on an airplane over a gambling debt from a card game a few months ago. Leslie should consider himself lucky if all he gets in return for his insults are a few nasty tweets.

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