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In the wake of Wednesday's Yahoo! Sports report revealing the main figures in a lucrative ticket-scalping operation at Kansas, school officials held a mea culpa of a news conference to share their version of the story.

They released an internal report detailing how a small group of employees diverted and sold thousands of football and basketball tickets for personal profit. They apologized for letting it happen on their watch. And they introduced a handful of new safeguards designed to avoid it ever happening again.

"I accept responsibility because I am the athletic director and this happened during my watch," Kansas athletic director Lew Perkins said. "To be quite honest, this caught me totally off guard. If anything because things were going so good, maybe we got a little complacent. I don't think that can ever happen again."

Yahoo! Sports reported Wednesday that the masterminds of the scalping operation were college basketball power brokers David and Dana Pump, who advise schools on coaching hires and run AAU teams across the country. Here's a look at some of the most significant questions raised by this scandal:

1. Will Kansas face any NCAA sanctions?  

Since nobody within the men's basketball program has been implicated in this ticket-scalping operation thus far, it seems highly unlikely that the NCAA will issue any penalties unless new information comes to light. "We don't see any NCAA violations right now," Perkins said. "We talked to our NCAA council and right now we don't see that being an issue."

2. Is anyone at Kansas in jeopardy of losing their job over this?

Aside from the five athletic department employees and a contract worker who were implicated in the report and fired last month, it doesn't sound as though any other jobs will be lost in punitive damages. Perkins will now be scrutinized for his perceived lack of oversight, but although Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little let Perkins twist a bit when she gave him neither support nor condemnation at the news conference, she's keeping him around.

3. Will Kansas basketball sever all ties to the Pump brothers?

It would be a mistake for any program to shun players on AAU teams financed by the Pump brothers, but Kansas in particular would suffer by doing so. Nine players who played on a Pump brothers summer traveling team have gone on to play for the Jayhawks and the sons of head coach Bill Self and assistant coach Danny Manning currently play for Pump teams.

Although Kansas' internal report made no mention of the Pump brothers, school officials said Wednesday that it will be up to Perkins to determine whether Kansas basketball should continue to associate with them. The guess here is that Self and his staff may publicly distance themselves from the Pump brothers to satisfy initial outside concerns, but that ultimately little will change in the long run. 

4. Have ticket-scalping operations like this one gone on at other programs?

It's impossible to answer this for sure, but Yahoo! Sports did report that a source told federal authorities this extended to other schools and certainly Kansas is not the only program with longstanding ties to the Pump brothers. Furthermore, the fact that other athletic directors have called Perkins to ask this same question lends credence to the idea that Kansas is likely not the only victim of such a scheme.

"I would hate to speculate," Perkins said. "There are a lot of people calling me who have concerns. Everybody is looking into their tickets right now. I have no idea if anyone else is going to go through this, but I anticipate talking to a lot of people about it."

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