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Unemployed wide receiver Terrell Owens has plenty of free time this summer with no minicamps to worry about, so he decided to lace up his high-tops and play in a celebrity game at New York's Rucker Park on Monday night.

The good news is Owens enjoyed experiencing one of the nation's most famous venues. The bad news is he found himself on the wrong end of the game's most YouTube-worthy highlight.

If last summer brought us Xavier guard Jordan Crawford dunking on LeBron James, this summer delivers Antoine "Miles High" Millien throwing down an emphatic reverse alley-oop jam over Owens. Sure, it wasn't exactly dunking on someone in the classic definition of the term, but that didn't stop the crowd from erupting and Millien from chest-bumping a teammate as though he'd just won the NCAA title.

Here's a little more background on Millien, a Queens native who identifies himself in the above video simply as "Miles High." He was Idaho State's second-leading scorer as a senior in 2005-06 at 15.5 points per game, he set a school record with 93 blocked shots that season and he joined the Harlem Globetrotters last year.

So give T.O. this much: If you had to get dunked on in front of a full house at Rucker Park, better to have the man who did it to you be a former college star and Harlem Globetrotter than just some nobody off the street. 

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