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Being told to leave probably never felt so good for Kevin Broadus.

The former Binghamton men's basketball coach was informed Thursday he'd no longer be part of the program, all for a cool $1.2 million dollars. He and the university mutally came to a settlement hours ago.

Broadus had been suspended from the team since last October. He claimed his suspension, in the wake of six players being removed from the team following Binghamton's 2008-09 season, was racially motivated. His lawyer just a few weeks ago demanded he be reinstated as head coach of the Bearcats.

But now that's he's been paid, Broadus cannot engage in any legal action toward his former employers. From

The university will pay $819,115.89 as required by his contract, BU spokeswoman Gail Glover said. The State University of New York will pay an additional $380,884.11. In exchange for the settlement, Broadus will resign and withdraw all claims and future lawsuits, Glover said.

And the Binghamton program, which was recently ruled to not have committed any major violations, can finally move on as well. (Though questions remain about how much on the up-and-up the program was, as many Binghamton officials made the NCAA's probe a laborious process.)

It's a tainted end to what will likely, for a long time, be seen as a tainted era under Broadus. Despite leading the team to its first NCAA tournament appearance, character issues and academic troubles plagued the team. Mark Macon will stay on as coach, and the Bearcats can now truly start anew with this drama behind them.

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