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Memphis fans, lend me your ears. Are you feeling a little sad? A little down in the dumps? A little confused about your reality? After all, there's a chance that something you witnessed with your own eyes -- Derrick Rose and company dribble-drive-motioning their way to an NCAA title, John Calipari stalking the sideline all the while -- will very soon be wiped clean from the record books.

It'll be as if it never happened. It'll feel like a really realistic dream, the kind it takes you a few minutes to realize weren't real. But this will have been real. Whoa. You are forgiven if wrapping your minds around that is a challenge.

Here's some solace, then: Lexington Herald-Leader reporter John Clay threw together a list of every vacated NCAA tournament appearance since 1971. Hey, John Calipari's on there already!

See, Memphis fans? It happens, you know? In fact, it happened to you five times in the 1980's! So it's not so bad after all, right?

Keep this list handy. When you are traversing the strange, dreamlike existence the John Calipari regime has allegedly inflicted on you, it'll be important to anchor yourself. I think Timothy Leary said that once.

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The Dagger

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