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OK, someone's screwing with us, right? Binghamtom can't possibly be doing all this stuff on accident, can they? This is a joke, yes? Because that is just about the only way you can explain the continued barrage of ironic missteps Kevin Broadus and the Binghamton athletic department keep making. They don't stop. This stuff just keeps happening.

So now, in addition to (deep breath) Binghamton's team dissolving, its star being removed for alleged cocaine possession, a zookeeper's insults, the firing of a teacher critical of the program and the SUNY chancellor's call for an independent review of the entire program (exhale, inhale again) ... Binghamton's open tryouts, scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, might not have been legal in the first place. From the Press and Sun-Bulletin:

Per NCAA Division I basketball rules, teams are not permitted to hold their first full practice of the 2009-10 season until 5 p.m., Oct. 16, but are allowed to hold skill instruction sessions. It was in one of those sessions that Anderson said the team could have looked at potential players Tuesday. But when a report quoting university spokeswoman Gail Glover came out Tuesday that a tryout was to be held, that meant too many students may have attended for it to qualify as a skill session in the eyes of BU associate director of athletics for compliance Dave Eagan.

There are a bunch of little inconsistencies here. Binghamton could maybe have gotten away with the "skill instruction session" if there was no five-on-five played, and there's a chance it wouldn't have mattered provided there was some sort of specific skill instruction going on. But that doesn't really matter, does it? Binghamton's program is already a shambles; Kevin Broadus is gasping for air. Why risk it? Why flirt with NCAA gray area? Totally not worth it, bro.

Instead, the tryout was canceled and scheduled for after the Oct. 17 deadline, proving once and for all that Binghamton basketball can indeed schedule and organize a basketball-related endeavor for some fixed point in the future. Baby steps.

(HT: Pete Thamel via Beyond the Arc)

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