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As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a floor-slapper.

Duke basketball unveiled its 2009-2010 team poster on its official Twitter page this weekend (click here for larger view):

Yes, this is legit. 

Is it funny? I mean, funny like a clown? Does it amuse us? Yes, yes and yes.

Comparing the players on the squeaky-clean Duke basketball program to the murderers, drug dealers and womanizers portrayed in Goodfellas is only part of it though. (Binghamton basketball must be kicking itself that it didn't think of this first, by the way.) But what makes this even better is that there are more similarities than you might think:

1. Both Duke basketball players and the guys from Goodfellas get special treatment from authority figures, whether they wear badges or stripes.

2. Fortunes of the movie's characters and basketball team peak in the middle and then collapse down the stretch.

3. Main characters will be anonymous in a few years (Henry Hill went into witness protection, Jon Scheyer will go into NBDL).

All kidding aside, this picture would be pretty awesome if you're either a Duke basketball fan in 1992 or Dick Vitale. It's reminiscent of the old school posters from the late-'80s and early-'90s that hung on the wall of kids nationwide, with the cheesy taglines and vague pop culture references. (Examples: Chicago Vice, The Bash Brothers and, my personal favorite, The Posse.)

Choosing my favorite part of this poster is like choosing the best scene in Goodfellas; there are way too many to choose from. But I particularly enjoy Brian Zoubek's pounded fist, the fact that there are glasses of water on the table, Andre Dawkins' scowl (far right) and Kyle Singler's pose (he's going to intimidate you with his careful thought process).

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