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The NCAA gives us yet another reason to mock it.

Today, the organization announced its new head honcho for the NCAA men's tournament selection committee for 2011-12: Jeff Hathaway, athletic director at Connecticut.

Problem? Yeah: UConn is currently awaiting the hammer to fall on eight major violations the NCAA found within the athletic department, all of them related to the men's basketball team. The violations forced Jim Calhoun to ask two assistants to leave their jobs at the school. Meanwhile, Calhoun got a five-year extension.

Hathaway is the next UConn guy in line to reap the benefits of UConn's national image. The NCAA would like us to temporarily forget the terrible mixed signal it's sending out. The broad view: It's giving a man one of the most sought-after jobs in college sports despite the fact said man has been lazing around to reacting to the allegations.

Hathaway, whose been AD at UConn since '03, saw these violations happen under his watch. It doesn't much matter if he had absolutely nothing to do with them happening — he resided over a culture in Storrs that didn't crack the whip loud enough.

But despite what may happen to UConn's basketball program, Hathaway has been rewarded for overseeing the good (men and women winning national basketball titles in the same year, 2004) and, apparently, never seeing the bad. 

The 51-year-old Hathaway was/is believed to be a favorite to take over the Maryland AD position; Hathaway graduated as a Terp in 1981.

But with this announcement, that will have to wait, because the committee already has an ACC representative, Wake Forest AD Ron Wellman.

Doesn't matter, though. We've got yet another case of the NCAA failing to truly penalize men in power. The ones in the highest pay scales never seem to have to pay.

If UConn truly gets hit hard with sanctions, what will happen:

1) The student-athlete will face the consequences

2) Calhoun, in all likelihood, will retire.

3) Hathaway will either keep his position on the committee, or elevate to a higher salary at Maryland.

4) The NCAA will continue to be a farce on many more ludicrous levels than those on display in "Inception."

I only wish I was dreaming about this hypocrisy.

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