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We've already had one batch of AAU-related madness to mull over this morning, so perhaps it's best we don't spend a ton of time with this. Still, it's hilarious: Derrick Rose's brother Reggie, who handled Rose's recruitment from the start and who is apparently continuing his work as an AAU coach for a team conveniently called the Derrick Rose All-Stars. And where former Memphis player Derrick Rose was basically unflappable and emotionless, his brother Reggie is apparently unrestrained and hilarious.

After the refs screwed up a 1-and-1 call -- the players thought it was two shots, but the confusion resulted in an uncontested dunk for the opposing team, Reggie Rose lost it. From Jeff Goodman, who was in Las Vegas -- the scene of the stomp-off -- over the weekend:

Reggie and his brother, Wayne, both collected technical fouls for arguing with the officials and then Reggie was booted after a profanity-laced tirade. Reggie then instructed his players to leave the court with 10-plus minutes left and more than 50 college coaches in the crowd.When I questioned Reggie about his decision after the game, he was visibly upset.

"$%^&*&*$%,” he said in yet another profanity-laced tirade. "@#$%&!@%."

Shortly thereafter, Reggie had to be escorted out of the gym.

Yes! That's hilarious. It's not exactly the best example to set for a bunch of high school kids -- especially the kind of high school kids who will spend much of their next few years being told they can have whatever they want whenever they want it -- but in terms of sheer entertainment value, nothing quite beats a good AAU freakout. Those of us lucky enough to have played youth basketball can attest to that.

What is slightly weird here (and I don't mean to overanalyze such triviality, but it's July 27, and caring too much about the trivial is really all we've got right now) is how opposite this perception of Reggie Rose is from during Derrick's recruitment. Rose was seen as a steady hand, as a guiding force for Derrick. Reggie and his brother Wayne purportedly shielded Rose from all the nonsense that comes with being the No. 1 overall recruit and 18 and immature. I thought Reggie was the responsible one. After this -- and Derrick's allegedly fake SAT score -- maybe Derrick is really the most mature of the three.

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