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The Dagger's quick glance at some notable June 15 draft decisions, and the merits thereof.

This one's going to be so easy.

Really, what did you expect Taj Gibson to do? He's a marginal NBA prospect, with no guarantee of a first-round appearance, but what are his options? If USC basketball was once a futuristic, athletic basketball program bent on world destruction, Solid Snake (in this metaphor, Solid Snake = NCAA investigations) just snuck into a remote Russian military outpost and blew that thing to shreds. All we're doing now is watching the fallout. (Which, were this actually "Metal Gear Solid," would be a really long video you'd be forced to watch about American shadow governments in Latin America, or something.)

Were Gibson to return to USC, he'd be at a program with no head coach -- Tim Floyd is golfing or fishing or maybe doing both at the same time even as we speak -- and almost no returning players. DeMar DeRozan is long gone. Same for Daniel Hackett. Same for basically everyone else. After recruit Derrick Williams was released from his letter of intent yesterday, USC basically has no one left. The cupboard isn't bare, because there is no cupboard.

So Gibson's hand was forced. It's unfortunate that he didn't have an actual second option, but such is life sometimes. Even if he doesn't land in the first round, being in the NBA is preferable to stepping back into the smoking, post-apocalyptic crater that is USC basketball.

Draft Decision Advisability Matrix: Run, Taj! Run for your life!

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