The Dagger - NCAAB

Kyle Whelliston of The Mid-Majority took this screen shot and linked to it on Twitter last night.

Your eyes do not deceive you.

Let it sink in.

Wofford, a 13-8 powerhouse and fellow SoCon resident of C of C, made the unfortunate mistake of thinking it could come into the Cougars' house and run game. You make that kind of error, and you will pay for it.

And a mere 18 days after giving us what we thought could be the greatest upset of the regular season (we now know that's not the case; Carolina is beyond suspect),  College of Charleston's student body either pulled off the dumbest or the most brilliant court-storm in the history of mankind.

Here me out.

This could be sarcasm at its finest; a tongue-in-cheek shot at the big-six schools, if you will. Could Charleston's sharp, witty young minds be poking fun and pointing at the Indianas and UCLAs, which recently had their student sections spill out onto the maple after defeating Minnesota and Washington, respectively.

Rushing the floor/storming the court/no one can agree on what to call the damn action/ has reached its nadir in 2010. 

It took a grand statement to put everyone on notice. College of Charleston has done it. A transcendent court-storm, and that's the best kind.

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The Dagger

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