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Whether it's because of bomb scares, shattered backboards, rogue bats or broken sprinkler lines, basketball games have been delayed for some pretty unusual reasons in the recent past.

I'm fairly confident, however, that Wednesday night marked the sport's first-ever conch shell delay.

Duke's Jon Scheyer was at the free throw line in the second half of Wednesday night's comeback win over Miami when Blue Devils coach Mike Krzyzewski heard the sound of an air horn coming from the crowd and got the attention of the referees. Turns out that was no ordinary air horn – it was a student blowing into a conch shell, which Krzyzewski had security guards confiscate so play could resume. 

I'm not sure who appointed Tobacco Road basketball coaches the fun police, but this is the second time this season that one of them has found it necessary to reprimand an opposing fan. North Carolina's Roy Williams of course famously had an obdurate Presbyterian fan removed from the Dean Dome for screaming, "Deon, don't miss it!" at forward Deon Thompson while he was at the foul line. 

I'd suggest that NC State's Sidney Lowe might be the next to discipline an opposing student, but, well, he's got enough trouble with his own fans these days.

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