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The much-hyped Wake Forest-Clemson battle was a fairly chippy affair with players exchanging words, elbows, forearms and leg locks. Things also spilled over into the stands when it appeared that a Clemson student tackled Wake center Chas McFarland:

Here's the way it looked to me: McFarland, who plays pretty chippily, couldn't avoid the Clemson student as he went out of bounds. However, once McFarland made contact, it looked like he put a little extra mustard on the collision (like when a defender drives a quarterback into the ground). Then, when they're tangled while trying to get up, the Clemson student looks like he wants to take McFarland down and does so by taking advantage of his awkward stance and body slams the Wake player to the ground. Bush league. (For those who doubt the guilt of the student, look at his eyes right before the takedown. He looks up to no good.)

Naturally, both the Wake and Clemson message boards are defensive on the matter, but I think McFarland gave as good as he got in this one. However, both were in the wrong and that Clemson student (whose face was quite clear on television) should be banned from games for the rest of the season.

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The Dagger

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