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And that city is Louisville. Louisville residents have a serious bone to pick with CBS, who cut away from their hometown team's close game during perhaps its most pivotal stretch. CBS cut to the final minute of the Missouri-Marquette game, which would have been fine, except that Louisville was currently trailing No. 9-seed Siena by two. During the almost three game minutes that elapsed, Louisville rallied back to take a 68-63 lead over Siena ... and Louisville viewers missed it all. And they are peaved:

CBS was supposed to provide a "constant feed" of live U of L game action and not cut away from the hometown team, WLKY president and general manager Glenn Haygood said. But Haygood said CBS interrupted the broadcast for reasons unknown to him. He said there were no alternate live feeds provided by CBS that WLKY could switch to.

"I was as furious as any Louisville fan," Haygood said. "I was fit to be tied when I saw what was happening. … We were doing everything we could to find a satellite channel that had the Louisville game on it. We would have broadcast it. There was not one that CBS provided."

If the local CBS station head was "fit to be tied," you can imagine the average Louisville fan. Actually, don't do that. That would get frightening.

In fairness, CBS' cuts are typically really well done; Chris praised them for just that this weekend. They've mastered the art of switching between games. So something tells me that this was a flub rather than an intentional programming decision. Either way, it's a major mistake, one CBS would do well to make up to Louisville-area viewers in the near future. That's a big, big college market down there. Assuage these people, Les Moon Vest. Say, free Zesto for a year? That ought to do it.

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