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So, you know that whole "trying to lure Bob Knight back by settling his $75,000 outstanding legal claim against Indiana University" thing? Bigtime no-go:

"The Indiana University administration recently made a public announcement on a very private issue that I was being sent a check for $75,000 from alumni donations to cover expenses I incurred as an employee at Indiana University," Knight said in a statement. "Indiana University has refused for nine years to take care of their obligation in this matter. I did not know until [Monday] that this check was sent to my attorney. Upon finding out about it, I immediately gave him instructions to send the check back.

"In all the years I coached at Indiana and elsewhere, I never accepted a thing from alumni and I don't intend to start now," Knight said in the statement. "This issue is with the university, not with the alumni."

The whole reason Mr. Anonymous Indiana Alumni even sent the check was to pave the way for Knight's return to the school in time for Knight's Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Nov.. No legal claim, no reason to stay away, right?

Only one little problem: Bob Knight is still Bob Knight. And if there is a way to screw over Indiana while taking the moral high ground, by God, Bob Knight will find it.

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