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When Jeff Goodman reported that Kevin Broadus had made contact with two recruits on the first day of the recruiting period when you're explicitly disallowed from making such contact, it was fair to wonder if Broadus even wanted his job anymore. After Broadus' dismissal of six of his players for various unnamed issues -- including star player Emanuel Mayben's charges of cocaine possession and distribution -- the coach was presiding over the kind of mess most schools never experience, let alone a tiny Northeast academic haven like Binghamton. To commit a recruiting violation after all that was like that scene in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" where the Knight slowly loses all his limbs but still wants to fight anyway. Here, Broadus was cutting his own limbs off, all the while asking for more.

Merficully, that self-destruction appears on hold: Binghamton placed Broadus on leave of absence yesterday. Broadus will still be paid, but he'll get the chance to take a little breather while interim head coach Mark Macon tries to get things under control:

Without going into specifics, Jim Norris, the interim athletic director, in a statement, cited “continuing incidents of concern” that fail to meet the “university’s high standards.”

I really love it when athletic directors and university officials discuss these situations like they're a White House press secretary dealing with cherished government secrets. Mr. Norris, your vague nature confuses me! To whatever do you refer? Just talk about it, man. We all know what you're saying anyway. Lame.

Anyway, the point is, Kevin Broadus is going away for a while. He needs to calm down, take a deep breath, reflect on his behavior, and hopefully emerge from the brief break with a little bit more perspective on his actions. In kindergarten, they call this "timeout." In college coaching, they call it "paid leave." But the concepts are pretty much identical.

There's one key difference left: When Broadus leaves timeout, he'll likely be done at Binghamton for good

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