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Storming the Floor's Eric Angevine does the Lord's work, scouring obscure roster after obscure roster in the hopes of finding the occasional name that breaks the mold, flies in the face of convention, dares to be different, and tells all the Michaels and Stephens and Andres of the world to go eff themselves. And when he (Eric) is done, he puts them in a blog post. It's just that simple.

Just as we had our first Coaches' Poll today, we also have the first Preseason All-Name team. Prepare to feel the wrath of Tiny Gallon!

Bak Bak - 6'9" Forward - Cal Golden Bears

Tiny Gallon - 6'9" Forward - Oklahoma Sooners

Orion Outerbridge - 6'9" Forward - Rhode Island Rams

Alibaba Odd - 6'2" Guard - Delaware State Hornets

Just-in'love Smith - 5'11" Guard - Siena Saints

Just-in'love is easily my favorite. Very few first names comprise a multi-word adjectival phrase. Even fewer manage to do so with such brilliant punctuation. I love everything about it.

Oh, and in case you're wondering where Dagger favorite Nimrod Tishman comes in on the list, the answer is on the bench. Which is an outrage. The guy can't get any playing time in his first year for the Gators, either, and he's relegated to the bench in the one area where he really exceeds? Just another chapter in the sad saga of Nimrod. For shame.

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