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How foolish of us to think LaceDarius Dunn's alleged assault would be the biggest distraction heading into the season for Baylor's men's basketball program.

We simply can't escape the cheating going on in college basketball, and the Bears are the latest to get their name called.

Late last night,'s Jeff Goodman broke the story of Baylor basketball and its affinity for ignoring text-messaging protocol. (The rules in regard to phone usage simply aren't scaring anyone.) The school has already self-reported the violations made by Bears assistant coach Mark Morefield, and the NCAA is currently looking into the program's wrongdoings in regard to this and possibly other violations.

The violations for now are centered around a high school junior by the name of Hanner Perea, who transferred from Colombia to play in Indiana. Perea has not yet chosen a school.

Morefield has apparently been busted for sending numerous texts to the recruit and those around him during July, which is not allowed and clearly stated each and every year. If there's one month where coaches are more watched for their behavior than any other, it's July. Players are traveling with AAU teams around the country, and the eye candy is often too much to resist for a lot of coaches looking to land the player who can take their program to the next level.

But everyone knows how radioactive talking to recruits can be during that month. That is to say: Morefield knew exactly what he was doing. And Goodman got the texts to prove it.

What’s worse: Morefield had broken similar rules before, and Baylor stripped him off his responsibilities for the time being over the summer. But he couldn’t help himself. Here's a damning text.

Morefield also sent a text to LaLumiere coach Alan Huss, which was obtained by, saying that if Perea didn’t go to Baylor, he wouldn’t be back in the United States.

"I guarantee u if he does [commit to another school] he will be in Colombia for the spring and summer and next year. Don’t forget it,” the text said.

Nothing like a threat of deportation to really bring credibility and trust to your program. Morefield's obviously going to be done at the school very, very soon.

We've got no response from Baylor or anyone surrounding this situation, except the lawyer for Drew, who confirmed to Goodman he's been on payroll since September. The situation already looks ugly, and we don't know if there's more dirt to be dug up.

The tedious process has only begun for the Bears. What does this mean for Drew's job? Unclear and something that is months (probably) away from being determined. As is the team's postseason eligibility this year, and many other factors. But once again, unfortunately, this program finds itself in a negative light seven years after Dave Bliss was fired for telling his players to lie to police about the death of Patrick Dennehy.

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