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For the second time in a week, a Duke player has gotten away with a traveling violation so egregious that even LeBron was probably surprised by the lack of whistle.

The non-call on Elliot Williams' moonwalk from earlier this week was pretty bad, but this one may have been worse. I was watching that Duke-Wake Forest games with eagle eyes for every perceived slight that went against the Demon Deacons and even I missed the Williams Shuffle (as it will now be known). Only upon replay did the walk become clear to the masses. Plus, that was an inconsequential play early in the second half of a game Duke led with ease.

Conversely, Saturday's violation occurred at a crucial point in the Duke-Virginia Tech game. The Hokies were down three when Jon Scheyer did his best imitation of somebody using a hula hoop. Had the refs made the proper call, Tech would have had the ball down three with a little over 15 seconds left. The lack of a whistle may have prevented a game-tying bucket.

Of course, with the way Virginia Tech's season has gone they probably would have lost at the buzzer anyway, doubtlessly on a play in which Gerald Henderson barrelled down the court clutching the ball like an NFL running back. 

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