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A few weeks back, Ole Miss coach Andy Kennedy was charged with assault after allegedly punching -- and hurling racial epithets toward -- a Middle-Eastern cab driver in Cincinnati. Every night before I go to bed, I've been praying for one thing: police video of the incident. Also: for that money I sent those polite Nigerian men via email a few years ago. Finally, one of my prayers has been answered:

God, that's delicious. "This could be an international incident." Kennedy isn't wrong: Chris Mottram has already found the (fake) U.N.'s agenda from Dec. 12, which of course includes the arrest of an Ole Miss basketball coach next to the accounting of nuclear materials and global energy crisis.

Anyway, the video doesn't actually condemn Kennedy; none of the racial slurs alleged by the cab driver show up on the video because, duh, the cops wouldn't have been there during the whole thing. And still, the video makes Kennedy and his director of basketball operations look incredibly unprofessional and silly. These are college basketball coaches. Adults. I'm all for making drunk mistakes in front of police officers at 3 a.m., but I'm doubting university administrators will feel so lenient.

Plus, this thing is sure to blow up on Al-Jazeera and become an international incident. Who needs that sort of stress?

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