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Andy Kennedy is not going down without a fight. The Ole Miss coach -- accused of punching and slurring a Cincinnati cab driver -- could probably merely fight the charges against him and attempt to win back his reputation through an acquittal in criminal court. But he's not stopping there. He just filed a defamation lawsuit against the cab driver and another witness, and the lawyers are out in force. Hooray.

From the USA Today:

"(Kennedy's) character has been assassinated in the media, and it has to stop," said Louisville, attorney Richard Katz, who is representing Kennedy in the civil suit. "Frankly, the charges are absolutely not true. This is not something we will tolerate and we will see this through until the end."

Rusty O'Brien, attorney for Jiddou, said the lawsuit is ridiculous.

"Any basketball coach knows that the best defense is a good offense," O'Brien said. "The guy's back is up against the wall because he got caught red-handed, so he's coming out with his guns blazing."

Congratulations to Rusty O'Brien. He just managed to get -- count'em -- four meaningless cliches into one quote. "Best defense ..." "Against the wall." "Caught red-handed." "Guns blazing." That is incredible, and has to be some sort of pompous-lawyer-on-courthouse-step record. Drew Rosenhaus, eat your heart out.

Under the battling quotables, the lawsuit seems a little specious. What motivation, exactly, do a cab driver and the bystander have to slur Andy Kennedy? Motivation isn't exactly the burden of proof, sure, but it is a valid question. What on Earth does a cabbie from Cincy have against Andy Kennedy? What does he have to gain? It doesn't make much sense, does it? 

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