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The New York Times is reporting that Kentucky senior left-handed pitcher James Paxton sued the university in state court, claiming that athletic officials threatened to withhold him from competition if he didn't agree to meet with NCAA investigators. The report alleges Paxton was not told of the rules he was accused of violating.

The Times report went on to say this:

In his lawsuit, Paxton said a university official told him in October to meet with an N.C.A.A. investigator, but instructed him not to tell his parents or his lawyers about the interview. Paxton also said that Kentucky’s athletic director, Mitch Barnhart, told him that he would not be allowed to play on the team until he submitted to the interview. Paxton said he has never been told the nature of the allegations against him.

Also according to the report, Paxton's lawyer is Richard Johnson. That name should sound familiar, as he was the lawyer that represented former Oklahoma State pitcher Andy Oliver in a very public case against the NCAA in the past year.

Paxton's lawsuit certainly will be an interesting story to follow with the season starting in less than three months. The senior shocked everyone when he turned down overtures from the Toronto Blue Jays as a first-round pick this past summer.

As a junior last season, Paxton compiled a 5.86 ERA in 78 1/3 innings. He also struck out 115 and walked 20 and limited teams to a .266 batting average.

Check out the full report by The Times: New York Times College Sports Blog

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Destination: Omaha

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