NCAA is not looking at giving all athletes immediate eligibility after transferring

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No, the NCAA will not entertain transfer proposals that give all athletes immediate eligibility if and when they decide to transfer.

The NCAA said Tuesday in a statement that it would spend the “next several months” listening to feedback regarding changes to the current transfer rules that require undergraduate transfers to sit out a year when they transfer.

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Among the things the NCAA will consider are the following: 

Allow students who meet specific, high-achieving academic benchmarks to play immediately after the first time they transfer during their college experience.

Allow prospective student-athletes who have signed a National Letter of Intent to transfer and play immediately if a head coach leaves the school of the student’s choice, as well as under other exceptions already in the rulebook. Because the Collegiate Commissioners Association manages the NLI, this idea would be referred to the CCA for consideration.

The second idea has been submitted for proposal by representatives from Baylor and Iowa State. As we’ve said before, it’s the most well-thought-out and logical transfer change considered so far. As it became known that the NCAA would look at transfer rules, the idea that any player would have the ability to transfer immediately took off despite a lack of a detailed proposal and the real-world logistical challenges that type of rule would impose.

The transfer proposals will be considered by the Division I Transfer Working Group, which is a task force of sorts. The group is aiming to have a proposal finalized for a vote by the Division I Council in June.

Changes to the eligibility rules in the transfer process could come with changes to the way teams are allowed to handle players who want to transfer. A proposal introduced in the fall would prevent schools from limiting a player’s transfer options when the player says he or she wants to transfer from the school.

Coaches currently can restrict players from transferring to specific places, a practice that’s outdated and rightfully criticized when players go public with the transfer restrictions placed on them.

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