NCAA Tournament - ‘I’m just glad it went in’ - Lamont Butler on game-winning shot in Final Four

San Diego State G Lamont Butler shares his reaction to hitting a game-winning pull up jumper to lift SDSU over Florida Atlantic by 1 point in the Final Four.

Video Transcript


LAMONT BUTLER: They just decided not to call a timeout at the end. It was about 7 seconds left when we got the ball. And he told me just go downhill and try to get something at the rim. But they did a good job cutting me off.

Once I looked up it was 2 seconds left. So I knew how to make a shot. And I got to a shot that I'm comfortable with, a one dribble pull up. And I'm just glad it went in.

Like I said, I don't think it's going-- I don't think anything is going to sink in until it's over with. But I'm just so happy that we're in this position. And we got a chance to win national championship.

- After you made the shot, you didn't you didn't look like you had much a reaction. You just kind of-- were you just trying to look cool or was it almost shocked at what just happened?

LAMONT BUTLER: A little shock. A little shock. Like I said, I didn't really know the-- I mean, how big it was. We're going to the National Championship. That's not things that many people do. So like I said, I was just happy it went in. It felt good once it left my hands so I'm just happy we're in this position.