NCAA tournament - #12 JMU knocks off #5 Wisconsin, to face Duke next

Yahoo Sports’ Jason Fitz, Krysten Peek and NCAA champion Danny Green react to the Dukes upset win over Wisconsin and look ahead to their matchup with the Blue Devils in the second round

Video Transcript

JASON FITZ: 12 seeded James Madison takes down 5 seeded Wisconsin. Now the Dukes advanced to take on, Duke. Krysten Peek, Danny Green, I'm Jason Fitz for Yahoo Sports. All right, Danny. Going into this tournament you said you wanted Wisconsin to win this game because you thought they had a better shot at taking down Duke. We've now seen both Duke and James Madison today. What do you think now?

DANNY GREEN: I think they have the ability to. My bracket was already trashed. It's got even worse because I had Wisconsin going to at least the Elite Eight, I believe. But the way James Madison played tonight, they played that way against Duke, I said for the Duke fans, and Duke organization, if I seen them play today I wouldn't be that excited about that win. They did win with a fair margin, but the game was a lot closer than the score showed. James Madison they played at a really good pace tonight, and I think they have what it takes to beat Duke and send them home.

JASON FITZ: So KP, what went wrong for Wisconsin?

KRYSTEN PEEK: It was the turnovers, right from the get go. I mean, this is a Wisconsin team that played four games in four days in the Big Ten Tournament. They lost to Illinois, and then they had to turn that around. Their lays looked dead. They had 12 turnovers and 16 points at one point in the first half, and it just rolled through there. They finished the game with 19 turnovers, when the team averages eight or nine per game. So it was that, the inconsistent play, and then you had a hungry James Madison team that just jumped on every opportunity. And the points off turnovers were just drastic, and that was the difference maker in this game.

JASON FITZ: I know also you didn't love James Madison's seeding coming in, right?

KRYSTEN PEEK: No, no. I think they're much more talented than the 12 seed. They were definitely over seeded, and I think everyone that's in that region is now realizing that. And if you're Duke, you are, you are not going into this game happy that James Madison won the way they did because now you don't want to be that one that's upset by a 12 seed moving forward.

JASON FITZ: In a tournament that hasn't had a ton of upsets, this one will resonate, because now we'll see what happens next as the Dukes take on Duke.