NC State's Doeren ready for Louisville

Matt Willinger, Associate Editor
Cardinal Sports

Reflecting on Syracuse:

"To come out of that game against a pressure defense without turning the football over on offense and not give up a sack and run for over 200 yards, I thought we did a lot of positive things. We kind of beat ourselves for the first two drives in the third quarter, which was disappointing to have two third-down drops, but obviously a situation we can learn from."

On whether facing Eric Dungey helped in preparation for Lamar Jackson:

“He’s on a whole other level athletically,” Doeren said. “Eric Dungey as a competitor and as a passer is tremendous. But there isn’t anybody like Lamar Jackson. There probably hasn’t been since Michael Vick. He’s just so fast. His ability to get to top speed is incredible. We have to do a great job of, like we did Dungey, keep him in the pocket and if he runs, having guys that can overlap. Then the next step is tackling him, can we bring him down. He’s a 200-plus pound guy now, he’s tough to bring down and I have a lot of respect for him.”

On Louisville's defense:

"They're top-25 in just about every category and they have nine seniors, so it's a very experienced and well-developed group. They've had some injuries in the secondary like us, so I'm not sure where they're at with guys returning. They've had two weeks where they could not play with those guys and still play well. So we'll see who shows up in their two-deep when we get to the game. But they have a very disruptive defensive front. Four senior defensive linemen and rotational guys that are juniors and seniors and a sophomore that is used sparingly but has already made a huge impact with five sacks and 9.5 TFLs."

On last year's loss against Louisville:

"Not to take anything away from Louisville because they beat us, but we didn't play well at all in that game. We were still not over what happened the week before (OT loss against Clemson), as everybody knows. Whether that would've changed the outcome or not, we'll never know. But our players, it left a bad taste in their mouth, just what they left on the field. In our credit, we played hard the whole game and tried to come back in the second half, but that wasn't our best coaching, wasn't our best playing and I look forward to playing a team that has gotten the best of us the last three times we played them."

On losing big games last year:

"I don't think we were poor at preparing for big games last year, we just didn't finish. We played really well against good opponent last year, other than the Louisville game. We've prepared well, our guys played well. We just didn't make a play to win the game at the end. I've been impressed with our preparation in every game this year. Whether it's been Furman or Florida State, they've been watching film. I think they're bought into the process of what they need to do as an individual of what they need to do to be prepared to play in a football game the right way."

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