NBC Sports Chicago personalities take Wonderlic test that NFL prospects take at Scouting Combine

On Monday, five of our NBC Sports Chicago personalities put their knowledge to the test, taking the same Wonderlic test the NFL prospects took at the NFL Scouting Combine.

David Kaplan, Chuck Garfien, Leila Rahimi, Siera Santos and Luke Stuckmeyer took the 12-minute timed test live on Facebook under the supervision of Wonderlic officials. Bears insider JJ Stankevitz hosted the interactive test taking session and later unveiled the scores to the panel live on Facebook.

Here is where the personalities receive their scores:

Stuckmeyer detailed his unique approach:

Kids, pay attention. NFL hopefuls, focus on this life changing advice. If you want to rock the Wonderlic test, I have a new revolutionary way of beating the problem solving quiz. 

As the great Maverick once said, "I feel the need...the need for speed."

You have 12 minutes to answer up to a total of 50 questions. Everyone else in our group took the full 720 seconds, while I went with the "Top Gun" method. 47 seconds later I had a record breaking score.

On paper, it appears my score of five is the lowest in the group. However, we now know advanced analytics rule professional sports. What's more important to a team...an average score of 21 (in 12 minutes) OR a record breaking score of five in 47 seconds? Let's do the math.

My Stuckmetrics show that when you factor in time and accuracy that "5 in 47" is equivalent to a score of *60* out of 50 if I took the full 12 minutes. That's right. My method led to a score better than perfect. WPPS or Wonderlic Points Per Second is the new WAR for the Wonderlic. If you want to be average like the Kapman...go old school and take your time.

If you want to ride in a speed boat with Uncle Stucky...scribble the same letter over and over. I'll be waiting on the dock while the other losers are sharpening their pencils.

***This method has not been tested by actual mathematicians.     

You can take the test yourself at www.wonderlic.com

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