NBC investigating analyst and former IndyCar driver Paul Tracy for racist Facebook comment

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Paul Tracy has been a part of NBC’s IndyCar broadcasts for five seasons. (AP)
Paul Tracy has been a part of NBC’s IndyCar broadcasts for five seasons. (AP)

Former IndyCar driver and current NBC broadcaster Paul Tracy is being investigated by the network because of a racist Facebook post from an account bearing his name.

Chris Cunningham is friends with Tracy on Facebook. He posted in a comment thread in a discussion about immigrants that “Paul is on the side of the party that’s ripping kids from their parents just because their parents here trying to get asylum, which isn’t the same as entering illegally.”

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The account with Tracy’s name on it replied “No I have invited them all to a party at your house to listen to you play the mini guitar then they are going to rape your wife then you.”

Tracy’s defense is that someone was impersonating him on Facebook. Cunningham thinks that defense is fishy. From the Indianapolis Star:

Cunningham said the mini guitar mentioned in the controversial post  refers to a mandolin that Cunningham plays. Tracy knows that about him, Cunningham says, while a fake Tracy would not.

NBC told the Star in a statement that it’s investigating the post and Tracy also contends to them that it was not him who made the racist comment.

Tracy has been a part of NBC’s IndyCar coverage for five seasons. He won 31 races in 261 open-wheel starts in a career that spanned from 1991 to 2007.

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