Orlando Magic

SFWaived (Signed)
SGWaived (Signed)
SFWaived (Signed)
PGWaived (Signed)
SGSigned as Free Agent (Two-Way Contract)
PFSigned as Free Agent (Two-Way Contract)
FCTraded (Signed) From
CTraded (Signed) To
CTraded (Signed) From
PGTraded (Signed) To
SGSigned as Free Agent (Signed)
FRe-Signed (Signed)
FCTraded (Part of three-team deal) To
CTraded (Part of three-team deal) From
GTraded (Part of three team deal) From
SFSigned as Draft Pick (Signed)
PGSigned as Free Agent (Signed)
GFDeclared Free Agency (Signed)
FCDeclared Free Agency (Signed)
GFDeclared Free Agency (Signed)
SFDeclared Free Agency (Signed)
PGWaived (Signed)
SFTraded (Jarred Vanderbilt) From
SFTraded (For Justin Jackson) To
PGSigned for the Rest of the Season (Signed)
PGSigned to 2nd 10-Day Contract (Signed)